Monday, December 14, 2009

Connecticut woman sues for being fired for celebrating a pagan holiday

I found this interesting bit of news from a story in the Boston Herald.  A Woman from Connecticut named Gina Uberti who was Bath & Body Works manager, and who practices witchcraft claims her boss fired her for using vacation time to attend Salem’s annual Halloween celebration. She is charging this in a recently filed federal lawsuit.

"But in court filings, Uberti alleged that the chain canned her after eight years because she took time off for the holiday, also called “Witches’ New Year.”

Uberti, a Bath & Body Works district sales manager, claims she’d taken vacation around Samhain for years, but said her new supervisor flipped out when learning why.

During a Nov. 4, 2008, phone call about her absence, Uberti’s boss allegedly said: “That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard,” adding, “Well, you will need a new career in your new year. . . . I will be damned if I have a devil worshipper on my team.” 

Let us hope that justice will prevail, and folks in that area may want to keep track of how this case progresses.