Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Evolution of the God Gene

Over at the Witches and Scientists blog they are discussing the "evolution of the God Gene"
"There have been a couple of shots-across-the-bow directed at the neo-Atheists and others who delight in kneeling at the altar of reason. The above article points up the growing evidence that religion and spirituality have imparted an evolutionary advantage to our species: "

They are basing their analysis on a recent article in the New York Times:

"Religion has the hallmarks of an evolved behavior, meaning that it exists because it was favored by natural selection. It is universal because it was wired into our neural circuitry before the ancestral human population dispersed from its African homeland. "

In a New York Times Book Review on THE CASE FOR GOD By Karen Armstrong
Alfred A. Knopf. $27.95,

"These and other thinkers, she writes, understood faith primarily as a practice, rather than as a system — not as “something that people thought but something they did.” Their God was not a being to be defined or a proposition to be tested, but an ultimate reality to be approached through myth, ritual and “apophatic” theology, which practices “a deliberate and principled reticence about God and/or the sacred” and emphasizes what we can’t know about the divine. And their religion was a set of skills, rather than a list of unalterable teachings — a “knack,” as the Taoists have it, for navigating the mysteries of human existence."

This statement sounds allot like the underpinnings of modern Craft practice to me.