Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Group helps women find empowerment through nature, goddesses

Here is a local story from Contra Costa County in the Bay Area of Northern California.  It is about a local group called Daughters of the Goddess which is made up of Wiccan and Pagan women.  The story appeared yesterday in the Contra Costa Times.

"We celebrate the Earth and all of her children, so the thought of 'We're out there doing evil or bad things' is not even part of the picture," Erickson said.

Beside seasonal celebrations like solstice, the women gather for prayer circles, retreats and a yearly spiral dance. Women of all ages are welcome.

Events take place throughout the East Bay, often centered on a specific goddess or theme. The women build an altar and sing, dance, pray, share their hopes and goals and draw on each other for support."  ...(Cont.)...