Sunday, December 20, 2009

Starhawk - "Climate change, the moral imperative of our age"

Starhawk has her new Washington Post, ON-Faith Blog out titled "Climate change, the moral imperative of our age".  She speaks about her impressions of the Copenhagen talks and what we ourselves as citizens and Pagans can do individually and collectively:

"There's a Native American proverb, I'm told, that says, "If we don't change our direction, we're going to wind up where we're headed." And where we're headed is disastrous: the disappearance of glaciers (already melting!) that supply water to hundreds of millions of people; the intensification of storms and hurricanes; the rising sea levels that will drown whole island nations and menace all the world's coastal cities; the loss of huge sectors of the biodiversity, the menace to all the life support systems upon which we depend.

These impacts will first be felt more deeply by those with the least resources and the least responsibility for creating them. That's a moral issue, and for the richest, most developed countries to evade responsibility and refuse to provide resources and funding for the shift is a complete moral failure that should have us all blushing in shame if not cringing at the short-sighted greed and stupidity. For eventually we in the developed world will also have our prosperity and survival undermined."

By linking to Starhawk's blog I am not saying that COG as an organization is endorsing any or all of her ideas and conclusions on climate change, or on any issue for that matter.  It is just that she is a major news making Pagan who is a former member of COG, and has a regular column in the Washington PostAgree or not it is important that we keep track of what she is saying. She is one of our most important Pagan public figures.  So when she speaks it is newsworthy.