Saturday, December 26, 2009

Zoroastrianism - A Religion in Decline

This 3000 year old monotheistic religion is said to have once numbered between 40 and 50 million faithful.  Its philosophical principles governed the rulers of the vast ancient Persian Empire.  However, it is now in a steep decline as is reported in The New York Times.

"...Zoroastrianism predates Christianity and Islam, and many historians say it influenced those faiths and cross-fertilized Judaism as well, with its doctrines of one God, a dualistic universe of good and evil and a final day of judgment.

While Zoroastrians once dominated an area stretching from what is now Rome and Greece to India and Russia, their global population has dwindled to 190,000 at most, and perhaps as few as 124,000"...(Cont.)...

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