Saturday, January 9, 2010

Benevolent and Malevolent Trees

It is story time here at NPIO Reports, and here is one about those ubiquitous tree spirits from the blog - The Fern Law of Faery:

 "A man has to make a journey late at night along a stretch of road which crosses a river at a place where the torrent is particularly fast and rocky. He is afraid because this stretch of road is haunted by a malevolent ash tree known as 'Crooker' who causes people to drown in the torrent. So although the way is dark, it is important to get to the bridge before moonrise when Crooker become active. But more important still is to gain the protection of a benevolent tree. This the traveller does and the beech tree appears to him in the form of three separate women dressed in green and each of them gives him a posy of flowers "for Crooker". He is also given a beech nut for a talisman." ...(Cont.)...