Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gaelic makes a comeback in Scotland

Sir Iain Noble the sun of an English ambassador to China who was educated at Eaton ,and did not speak a word of gaelic, moved to the island of Skye, learned gaelic, speaks it only now, and started a gaelic university that is very popular, and provides full employment for his community.  Here is his story from the;

"Gaelic, soft as the beating of doves’ wings, used to be the medium of the Highlands and Islands – and 30 years ago you would have thought it was dying out even there. But not any more; its popularity has been steadily growing. Soon the Ordnance Survey will be printing place names in their Gaelic, not English, form. Goodbye Stornoway, welcome SteĆ²rnabhagh. The language has been put, literally, back on the map."...(Cont.)...