Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gaelic makes a comeback in Scotland

Sir Iain Noble the sun of an English ambassador to China who was educated at Eaton ,and did not speak a word of gaelic, moved to the island of Skye, learned gaelic, speaks it only now, and started a gaelic university that is very popular, and provides full employment for his community.  Here is his story from the;

"Gaelic, soft as the beating of doves’ wings, used to be the medium of the Highlands and Islands – and 30 years ago you would have thought it was dying out even there. But not any more; its popularity has been steadily growing. Soon the Ordnance Survey will be printing place names in their Gaelic, not English, form. Goodbye Stornoway, welcome Steòrnabhagh. The language has been put, literally, back on the map."...(Cont.)...