Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Lore of Constellation Orion

The constellation Oroin the Hunter is hard to miss in the winter night sky over our hemisphere,  It comes up just after dusk in the Southeast and has the appearance of an hour glass.  Here is an informative article on the lore of Orion in the

"Like most constellations today in the western world, Orion's depiction as a hunter descends from Greek and Roman mythology, but the earliest lore we know about Orion and most of the other significant constellations comes from the Sumerians of ancient Mesopotamia prior to 2000 B.C. Sumerians called the constellation Uruana which means "light of heaven." They saw it as their great hero Gilgamesh, who was constantly at battle with what they called the Bull of Heaven. That Bull of Heaven is what we know as the constellation Taurus the Bull, which hovers above and to the right of Orion in our evening southeastern sky." ...(Cont.)...