Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blog o’ Gnosis - Patrick McCollum’s Fight For Your Religious Rights

One of our members from Northern California is Anne Hill.  She has a long running and well respected Pagan blog. Just recently she did an interview pod cast with Pagan Chaplin - Patrick McCollum.  So, check out the audio interview on Anne's great blog - Blog o’ Gnosis

"Patrick McCollum’s legal challenge against the State of California may sound like it just concerns the religious freedom of prisoners, but make no mistake: the outcome of his case will affect every one of us, and determine whether our Constitutional right to freedom of religion is conditional or absolute.

There have been several great articles written about Patrick recently, by Jason Pitzl-Waters at the Wild Hunt, Gus diZerega at Beliefnet, and this Llewellyn article by Donald Michael Kraig. Today I sat in for my friend and colleague Peter Laufer on his Sunday morning KOWS radio show, which gave me the opportunity to interview Patrick on the air about his case. If you have not educated yourself about the case and what is at stake, now is your chance to listen to Patrick explain it in his own words."

Here is more information on McCollum from The Wild Hunt
Here is a written interview from the Alternative Religions Educational Network
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