Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pantheacon - CoG interfaint presentation in the news

Our National Interfaith Reps. presentation at Pantheacon got some good coverage in the pagan blogosphere. Here is what Jason from The Wild Hunt had to say:

PantheaCon Day 2
"I had some decent sleep the night before, so (relatively) bright-eyed and bushy-tailed I began my second day at PantheaCon. First, after a rather pricey bowl of oatmeal, I attended the 9am panel discussion “Pagans in Global Interfaith Work” led by Don Frew, National Interfaith Representative for C.O.G., and featuring contributions by Rowan Fairgrove, T. Thorn Coyle, and others. It was an interesting history of how modern Pagans started getting involved in interfaith work, with a lot of attention was (understandably) given to the recent Parliament of the World’s Religions. The point was made of how large interfaith gatherings have allowed Pagans to network and dialog with indigenous religions, Hindus, and other minority faiths that they might not have be able to otherwise."

My wife - Rachael Watcher was also on that panel and discussed indigenous issues related to the Parliament.

The Wild Hunt is the second most popular Pagan site on the web after The Witches Voice.  Thousands of Pagans and others read Jason's Blog daily. Our continued presence there is a very positive step indeed.

Jason's workshop - (Pagans and the New Media) was well attended for its 9:00 p.m. slot on the busy Saturday Night.  It was very informative while Jason made quite humorous uses of his microphone.  He mentioned the loss of many Pagan magazines, and the problems in this new media environment of "static" web sites that do not change for long periods of time, or offer interactive features.  He mentioned CoG directly in this regard as an example of the problem.  He did give us a positive acknowledgement for our two new blogs, but said they should be a direct part of the CoG site itself.  Of course I agree.  He said that Pagan organizations should be using Facebook and Twitter as well.  In the case of Facebook there are now about three hundred million members around the world.