Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Alleged Wiccan connections to murder in New Mexico

Here is another difficult crime story from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Because the suspect is alleged to have a Wiccan connection the media will hype the case, and this one has already been picked up by the Associated Press.  Perhaps folks from our Chamisa Local Council can keep track of developments in the local media so that the incident will not cause a back lash for our community.


"Update: At a news conference late Tuesday morning APD Chief Ray Schultz said Angela Sanford, 30, the woman who claimed she was attacked, has been arrested on an open count of murder. Sanford is a self-described witch, and the victim, Joel Leyva, was stabbed multiple times with a ritual dagger...

...The Wiccan community is outraged that a murder on a hiking trail is now being associated with their religion and now question if the murder suspect was really performing a ritual before she stabbed a man to death." ...(Cont)...

In the comments section on the story there is this quote:

"Please. If she was Christian and had stabbed someone on Easter, would this even be an issue? Religion has nothing to do with the fact that this woman seems mentally unstable. She also claimed on her Myspace site to be a vampire."