Monday, March 1, 2010

Could Coventry be named after water goddess Coventina?

Here is some interesting news about CoG's patron Goddess and the City of Coventry in England. The story is reported in the Coventry Telegraph.

"COVENTRY could be named after a water goddess, according to ex-pat David Fletcher, now living in Australia....

He believes the goddess Coventina is almost certainly the Lady of the Lake Sir Thomas Malory writes about in his Arthurian stories.

David goes on to say there would have been a strong possibility of a cult of Coventina existing during Lady Godiva’s time in the 11th century, adding such a cult would have been an affront to a devout Christian like her, who had endowed the local convent with her husband Leofric." ...(Cont.)...

Here is some more information on Coventina.