Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Finish folk music videos

How about some Finish folk music from the group - Värttinä

"Värttinä is Finland's most successful contemporary folk music group, now celebrating their twenty-fourth year. Värttinä's roots are in the Karelia region of Finland – situated at the Finnish-Russian border – specifically in women's vocal traditions and ancient poems known as runos.

Fronted by three dazzling female singers and supported by six acoustic musicians, Värttinä composes most of their music and lyrics, based on traditional Karelian and other Finno-Ugric styles but with modern and thoroughly distinctive and original arrangements."

How about some more?
Värttinä - Äijö
Värttinä - Travuska
Värttinä - Tuulen Tunto
Värttinä - Mieleni alenevi
Värttinä - Nahkaruoska
Värttinä - Miero/Mierontie
Värttinä - Synti
Värttinä - Oi Dai
Värttinä - Varrii ompi tsaijuves
Värttinä - Tumala
Värttinä - Katariina
Värttinä - Tauti
Värttinä - Liigua