Wednesday, March 10, 2010

'Hekate and Dreams"

I found a worthwhile and informative blog coming out of England by Sorita d'Este. She is the author of a number of books which appear on the side panel of the blog, and refers to her site as the "Website & Blog of an esoteric researcher, author, writer & priestess."  Here is a good example of her work entitled Hekate and Dreams:

"...There are many examples linking Hekate to spells and charms related to sleep. In one such example from the PGM (Greek Magical Papyri) the charm given could be used both for revealing answers during sleep, or to cause someone else to not sleep. These types of spells can be found in many different magical traditions and a very similar one occurs in the Jewish Sepher ha-Razim (Book of Mysteries) in which the head of a black dog which had never seen the light is used. This spell which dates to the fourth century CE echoes not only the connection to dream oracles of Hekate, but of course that of the black dogs which were sacrificed to her, as well as a further connection to iron (a metal sacred to Hekate). There are many examples of cross fertilisation from Greek magic into later systems, reminding us that viewing any system of magic, ancient or modern, in isolation, is a mistake when your quest is for knowledge and understanding." ...(Cont.)...

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