Saturday, April 17, 2010

"146 BC: Ground Zero for all Western Magic"

Here is an interesting post on the history of Western Magic and philosophy as reported in the blog - Rune Soup:

"...Prior to 146 BC, there were a number of options when it came to choosing the great city you would live in if you were a philosopher, spiritual seeker, magician, etc. This decision was based on factors such as where you were from, what languages you spoke, etc. This was a pretty big call, because there wasn’t all that much in the way of movement of ideas before 146 BC. There was a gradual diffusion of them, sure. But not a dynamic interchange.

After 146 BC there was only one option. Everyone came to Rome. Everyone. There were druids in Rome.
Prior to this, there was very little movement of ideas around the world. So, for example, Chaldean astrologers had no access to Welsh bards. The works of Greek philosophers hadn’t really spread beyond Greece’s borders. (They were known, but they were not absorbed.)

Spiritual knowledge was localised… Tribal, essentially.

But now, ideas could get from one side of Rome’s territories to another in two weeks. There were now only two official languages. Greek and Latin. The druid could finally talk to the astrologer." ...(Cont.)...