Sunday, April 11, 2010

"What Makes One a Witch?" The Witch of Forest Grove blog

Here are some thoughs on a word we use alot in Covenant of the Goddess.  This definition of Witch is provided by Sarah Lawless in her blog - The Witch of Forest Grove

"The word we use today stems from Old English which is Germanic in origin. Etymology is such a simple way to learn the origin and meaning of a word. In etymology the root “witch” stems from is “weik” which has five separate meanings that are all related to magic in some way. Wicca (originally pronounce “vitcha”) was the singular word for a female witch and wicce for a male. Wiccaecrafte was the word once used for the practice of witchcraft and wiccian was used to mean “to cast a spell” or “to bewitch” as a verb. But the meaning of the root is found in all words in the Germanic and also Latin tongues associated with magic and religion as both along with other terms from Europe and Asia all originate from the Proto-Indo-European language group. The version of the root directly connected to witchcraft means sorcery, cunning, and wiles associated with pre-Christian religion and supernatural power. Weik’s other meanings include to bend, change or alter (as in changing fate), twine and bind; to be able in battle, strong, brave, victorious; a clan or group of people; as well as an icon like a religious icon, statue, charm, or a poppet." ..(Cont.)...