Monday, May 10, 2010

English Pagan police get right to take off Pagan holidays

We here in the United States think it is news when a school district recognizes Pagan holidays, but it looks like England is just a bit ahead of us in this regard as reported by the Times Online:

"...The Pagan Police Association claimed yesterday that it had been recognised by the Home Office as a “diversity staff support association” — a status also enjoyed by groups representing female, black, gay, Muslim and disabled officers.

Endorsement would mean that chief constables could not refuse a pagan officer’s request to take feast days as part of his or her annual leave. The eight pagan festivals include Imbolc (the feast of lactating sheep), Lammas (the harvest festival) and the Summer Solstice (when mead drinking and naked dancing are the order of the day)." ...(Cont.)...