Monday, May 24, 2010

Religious reporting and the best of Pagan journalism

This post in a sense circles around a couple of issues with respect to religious coverage and journalism.  First is the state of religious journalism. There is some news on this front as reported by The Pew Project For Excellence In Journalism:

"Religion-related issues drew more attention in new media than in traditional press outlets. In a separate analysis of blogs throughout 2009, religion-related news made a list of top stories in 11 out of the 45 weeks studied. The topics that showed up in new media ranged from a Swiss ban on construction of minarets to a French trial of a group of Scientologists to the debate about same-sex marriage.

The importance of new media platforms as a place for news and discussion about religion may grow as the number of religion writers in traditional news outlets decreases. According to the Religion Newswriters Association, at least 16 major print news outlets have reduced or abandoned their religion beats since 2007."  ...(Cont.)...

As I have stated before, as traditional media outlets shrink back, new media is moving to fill the gaps. So, that brings up the second question - "how does it relate to coverage of Pagan and Wiccan issues?" That is a complex question which Jason Pitzl-Waters continues to examine over at The Wild Hunt Blog:

"...As for Pagans we need to continue doing it for ourselves, so we can continue to participate and influence the conversations over faith on the Internet and in the news."  ...(Cont.)...

One of the new Internet religious portals that is doing a good job for Pagans is Patheos.  They have a Pagan portal with lots of Pagan content that is run by Pagans.  This leads me back to Jason and The Wild Hunt because Patheos has an interview with him that centers on the topics in this post. The title of their post is Patheos chats with Jason Pitzl-Waters about Pagan media.