Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Robin Goodfellow

May 1, 2010
It is with the deepest sorrow that we must announce the loss this evening of one of our own CoG members and an long time member of the NROOGD community, Robin Goodfellow. Robin, who is survived by his wife Gaia, was a member of the NROOGD community and CoG in the greater San Francisco Bay area for more than thirty years. His deep spirituality, unique ritual style, and dedication to the Craft will be remembered and carried on by those who knew him and share his love of our religion.

Those of us in this area who attended the public NROOGD Beltane had the fortune to see and visit with both Robin and Gaia earlier today. Robin died of complications from long standing diabetes. He went home from ritual this afternoon and slipped into a diabetic coma from which he could not be awakened. Gaia called for medical support imediately but he could not be revived. He died at home.

Greg and Rachael

MM all!
Went up to the house and saw Gaia last night and took her to dinner at her favourite little local Kensington Restaurant.

She says she would appreciate receiving both snail mail and phone calls.

Her mailing address is:
11 Edgecroft Road
Kensington, CA 94707-1412

I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter to what name you address mail.

The telephone # is:

(510) 526-8268

She was heartened to receive the printed out emails and pictures I took up lasst night, and is comforted by the love and good thoughts y'all are sending her way! I will be printing out any that come in today and takiing them up to her this evening, along with the details of the Parade this Saturday. She intends to be there and is looking forward to seeing folks.

Kitty ;-)

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