Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jason and the Argonauts and our debt to Mother Earth

Over at the Huffington Post - Ellen Kanner brings us the story of the arrogance of Jason and how that is a metaphor for our modern environmental predicaments. Food for thought, so check it out here:

"...Well, let's put it this way. Jason got the Golden Fleece, but was so ruthless, he managed to piss off people, gods and his metaphorical mother. Jason didn't honor the Argo, he didn't take care of it and it lay rotting -- and plotting -- in the sun. One day, Jason passed by and a piece of the prow fell off and beaned him on the head, killing him.

We don't want the same fate. But we've been ruthless and greedy and will most likely continue to be. Most of us aren't going to row to work, give up our cars or even convert to clean energy any time soon. But rather than further risking the earth's wrath, one thing we can all do -- herbivores and omnivores alike -- is buy and eat food that's local and in season. It's lower in carbon than food freighted in from elsewhere, unless you've got an Argonaut or two rowing it in for you. With spring and summer's abundance, local and seasonal eating's not just easy, it's delicious

The earth has put up with an awful lot from us. We must all pull together and return the favor. Or else.

Call me Cassandra. Just don't say I didn't warn ya.."