Sunday, June 20, 2010

Starhawk - The Oil Spill and the Soul of Nature

Here is Starhawk's latest blog at the Washington Post titled - The Oil Spill and the Soul of Nature

"...In the Pagan view, ecocide is a heinous crime on a level with genocide--for indeed, to kill an ecosystem is to destroy the people and cultures that depend on it for survival... ...(Cont.)...

"The world needs to shift to values which have long been held by Pagans but are certainly not unique to us. Indeed, every religion holds within it an imperative to care for and nurture creation. We must make a shift to a culture that values life over profits and the health of the environment over the financial balance sheet. To do so is not only a moral and religious imperative but a matter of survival. We are meant to be earth healers, not destroyers, and a moral person is one who cares for the web of life which sustains and supports us all."