Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rosicrucian Museum - esoteric conference

I found this  story from our NCLC service area about the Rosicrucian Museum and Park in San Jose California. They are sponsoring a conference titled - "Hidden in Plain Sight: The Influence of Western Esoteric Movements on Modern Thought."  It will be July 22–25, but unfortunately it is sold out.  However some of the presentations will be put out on YouTube for later viewing.  Here is more information from the metroactive site:

"IF ANY one slogan describes the Rosicrucian Research Library, it would be "Hidden in plain sight." The library occupies an 80-year-old building at the back of Rosicrucian Park and provides the most comprehensive collection of esoteric readings anywhere in San Jose.

Anyone from the public is allowed to hang out—it isn't restricted to Rosicrucians—but everything in Rosicrucian Park seems to exist behind some veneer of mystery. It's just how they operate.

Esoteric voyagers from across the globe submitted academic papers and will be descending upon San Jose to present their research...The now-sold-out conference features a lineup of highly intriguing individuals. Every man and woman involved will be a star."  ...(Cont.)...