Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gus diZerega refers to CoG on his Patheos blog post

Gus diZerega usually posts on Beliefnet, but he recently posted over at Patheos with a piece titled - Paganism and the Role of Interfaith Dialogue. In it he refers to the work of Don Frew - our National Interfaith Representative:

"...Pagan involvement in interfaith dialogue has deep roots. Covenant of the Goddess has been engaged in interfaith work for thirty-five years. Pagan Don Frew began dialogues with Christian Brooks Alexander twenty-five years ago, leading an honest and deeply committed Evangelical to present accurate information to the wider Christian community while becoming widely respected for his honesty and integrity among many in the Pagan community."  ...(Cont)...


  1. While Don's work is ground breaking and long standing it should be mentioned, and normally he would be the first to do so, that there are seven hard working National Interfaith Representatives in the Covenant at this time of which Don is one.

  2. I am not sure that Gus is trying to leave anyone out. It is just that Gus and Don are good friends and former coven mates. He knows Don well, and he was using him as an example of the overall points he was making in his post.