Monday, September 13, 2010

CoG Members working for community around the country

It has been a busy week for many CoG members.  I will begin with the Texas Local Council's sponsorship of an upcoming  Autumn Equinox Celebration.  Also in Texas Raw Soul Radio with Kevin Foresman had a segment with "Linda Slack of The Covenant of The Goddess to discuss Wicca and the upcoming United Earth Assembly"..

The Calafia Local Council was active with a booth at Pagan Pride San Diego 2010

Chamisa Local Council is busy getting ready for the Magic Mountain Mabon Festival on September 16, 17, 18, & 19,

Rachael Watcher just announced at our Interfaith Blog:  "we have begun a series of dialogues called "The Witch and the Preacher's Kid". Each month we will be having a half hour dialogue loosely based on a particular topic. This month we kicked off our program with the topic of Evil and what it looks like from a Christian and from a Wiccan perspective. This program does not suppose to speak for every Christian nor every Pagan but really is only a dialogue between two friends who have found deep kinship despite our different religions."

Peter Dybing, our NFO elect was busy with a 911 Ritual for Tolerance and Remembrance.  He performed this ritual publicly in the Virgin Islands where he lives, and received positive local news coverage.

Margot Adler our CoG member and NPR reporter filed this report this week - 9/11 Anniversary Marked By Anger, Controversy.

I am sure that many of our members are busy doing good work for the community, but you need to let your NPIO know so I can get the word out.