Thursday, September 30, 2010

Druid Religion officially recognised in England and Wales

Here is an anouncement from the stonehenge-druids

"...Happily The Druid Network persevered with their application and today announced that they have achieved Charitable Status under the objects of religion. Druidry now has equal status with other accepted religions in all areas including the workplace. A huge and historic step forwards and a cause for great celebration.

For the first time since AD54, and our repression under Roman occupation, we are recognised and free from persecution.

For my efforts in helping to make this day a possibility I’m today feeling very proud.

I cannot praise the Druid Network highly enough for persisting with this struggle for around 10 years, despite many setbacks and delays along the way. Theirs has been a huge effort of patience and endurance for the benefit of all Druids and they fully deserve the honourable place in the history of the Druids they have earned for themselves."

Coverage as well at The Wild Hunt.

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