Wednesday, September 1, 2010

M. Macha NightMare quoted in South African Pagan publication

M. Macha NightMare from Northern California Local Council of CoG and Cherry Hill Seminary was featured in an article in the South African Pagan publication - Penton. She is quoted extensively in the article by Damon Leff - Witches on Witchcraft.

"Like most Witches of my vintage, I searched for years for a spirituality that made sense to me before I found the Craft. I encountered Witchcraft at the meeting point of three paths in my life, at the sacred trivia of the goddess Hekate. The first path was Second Wave Feminism; [5] in Craft I had my first experience of a feminine image of the divine. Secondly, my concerns for the environment (before I’d ever heard the word “ecology”) were accorded a theological foundation in Craft. Third was an acknowledgment and respect for intuitive ways of knowing. These concerns, spiced with the flavors of mythology and folklore, seeking knowledge of my personal ancestral heritage, and engaging constructively in society to help make a better world, continue to inform my theology and praxis."  ...(Cont.)...

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