Thursday, September 30, 2010

A reply to Christian bashing in our community

Keeping with an interfaith theme I noticed over at the Magic of the Ordinary blog,  author - Peregrin has an interesting and thought provoking response to what she perceives as Christian bashing in the pages of a recent Green Egg article by Frank J Ranelli on page 38.

"...I suggest Mr Ranelli and those carried along with his invective read some works by Thomas Merton, Matthew Fox, Richard Rohr, John Shelby Spong and Marcus Borg to name just a few. Or just go to the Living the Questions channel on YouTube.

Neo-pagans are very good in wanting (and occasionally demanding) non believers and journalists to go beyond the stereotyped and cultural view of our spiritual forms. We do not want to be seen in pointy hats casting curses or in graveyards raising the dead. We expect outside observers to be open to hearing the ‘truth’ about our traditions, to go deeper than the outer forms and common misconceptions. However, we do not seem to do the same justice to Christianity." ...(Cont.)...