Tuesday, October 12, 2010

CoG members write and edit new book

Bridging the Gap: Working Within the Dynamics of Pagan Groups and Society, from Immanion Press - is written by Crystal Blanton a CoG member and local Second Officer for the Northern California Local Council.  The book was also edited by Michelle Mueller who is CoG's National Youth Interfaith Representative.

"Crystal Blanton is a trained and experienced Registered Addictions Specialist in the field of drug and alcohol counseling, which enhances her understanding of spiritual balance and how behavior and perceptions affect our everyday lives. As a mother of four, grandmother of three and a married wife of fourteen years, Blanton has experienced the ups and downs of family life and grown spirituality as a result. Professionally she has specialized in addiction studies and has experience in counseling, addiction, mental illness, developmental disabilities and criminal justice. Blanton found herself having to deal with the same issues within her own family unit and has used the heartache from these experiences to enhance her understanding of spiritual balance and professional understanding...

"Bridging the Gap: Working Within the Dynamics of Pagan Groups and Society will look at filling the common gaps in our community by using techniques as tools to assess, understand, and work with the changing dynamic of any group or coven. While maintaining a professional polish, the book uses humor, common scenarios, exercises, and resources to examine the commonalities between techniques used in the counseling profession; giving the reader concrete, professional solutions to coping with common problems."

Here is what Michelle rightly pointed out about my previous post, and all I can say is - whoops - I was not paying close enough attention when I put this out the first time.


Thank you so much for the post about Crystal's book and for finding the photo! That original news entry was written for Cherry Hill Seminary, so for that audience it was appropriate to frame me in the headline as I am Cherry Hill Seminary faculty.

Crystal is a COG member and the author, so for COG reports, it's important that Crystal receives the credit. Could you post another entry putting Crystal at the center? I would really appreciate it, and I'm sure so would she. Something like...

"COG member Crystal Blanton published her first book Bridging the Gap: Working Within the Dynamics of Pagan Groups and Society and is a featured author on the website of Immanion Press. The book was edited by another COG member Michelle Mueller.

Read about Crystal and the book here:  http://www.immanion-press.com/info/person.asp?id=89"

Thank you.


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  1. Crystal is a compassionate individual and that compassion shows.