Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Arnold Kameda - writer - CoG member

Arnold Kameda, a National Solitary member of the Covenant of the Goddess and a witch for a little over 20 years just had another article published and encourages everyone to write. Conscious Awareness Magazine, currently an e-zine considering the move to hard copy distribution, accepted an article from Arnold called “The Man on the Hill”.

Writing is not just something that you pick up and say ok today I’m going to become a writer, It is a lifelong passion. To become a good writer you have to write and write and keep on writing. Whether or not you are published is secondary to the fact that you are writing.

Now residing in Southern California in Orange County, Arnold used to write for Awakenings in a monthly column titled “My Wiccan Way”. He has given numerous writing workshops, the most recent workshop at Merry Meet two years ago titled, “Quantum Physics and Magical Theory”.

When asked how to get started he replied that he feels it relatively easy, especially if you target e-zines and Pagan specific magazines. “In every magazine there is a section explaining the submission process and the type of information they are looking for. So you should be prepared to tailor your work to suit. You should also be familiar with the material they like to publish” and I would add to that the style of writing that they prefer. “The nice thing about Pagan and Wiccan magazines is that they are a lot more approachable. The down side is that it may be difficult to develop a following if a magazine or e-zine is not stable. You are not going to get a lot of exposure but on the other hand they are relatively unknown so willing to give new writers a chance.”

The material for the article that he submitted is based on the philosophy of his current group, “Stella Maris”, (the Greek equivalent of Isis). “The philosophy is primarily Alexandrian and an eclectic mix of Greek and Celtic deities. We try to allow individuals to express themselves and their personal spirituality without stifling creativity.”

I would add that if you are interested in writing, there are numerous adult classes on various types of writing from fiction, to technical writing available from Community Colleges, and many physical and online groups that support and encourage budding writers. Learn how to write a query letter, and be prepared to accept rejection. Eventually someone will find an article you wrote to be just the one they have been searching for. My last piece of advice is to keep a morgue of all of your works, accepted or not, and have friends who are not afraid to tell you the truth be your reviewers. You can learn a lot about the differences in what you think you wrote and what a reader will get out of it.

Another article is in the works. Go to the link below to read Arnold’s article. http://www.consciousawarenessmagazine.com/index_files/Page307.htm

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