Thursday, February 24, 2011

CoG - NCLC Suite at PantheaCon

PantheaCon Suite Report for 2011

I would like to thank you for your donation toward the NROOGD, New Wiccan Church, and Covenant of the Goddess suite.

I am happy to say that we once again broke even, actually we were three cents to the good, this year.

Because of heavy obligations on my part, I rented the room on Thursday evening in order to set it up in preparation for the convention without people wandering in looking for food while doing so. I actually remembered everything so the place was fully decorated and stocked. If you have any ideas for future suite decorations please contact me. We broke down the room on Monday morning early and I don’t think anyone was inconvenienced much by its closure.

During the time that it was open we hosted three receptions, two programs, two classes, and one ritual.

All of these were very successful, at least according to the people putting on the programing. Whew!!

I soooo deeply wish that, the P Con staff would include suite programing in the mainstream programing guide. Please begin to think today about programs you would like to see or present at the suite next year. If we can get them into the program in any form we may begin to develop a rep for programing and perhaps folks will begin to look for us.

I must take this time to say a very special thanks to the few people who repeatedly took the time to come by the suite, baby sit, clean up, and help (they actually did all of the work) set up for the three receptions held each of the three days. THANK YOU!!!! You know who you are. May the Goddess bless you and keep you near. Your work has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated and it is primarily due to your donation of service to community that this suite was successful this year.
                                              The well attended NCLC Meeting and Reception
On Friday evening the Covenant of the Goddess held a meet-and-greet that was very well attended by both local members and national members and Officers. There were at least thirty people present during our meeting and more wandered in as it progressed. We did set up a virtual connection but I did not see anyone check in. We will continue to work on this in future. The meeting was designed to allow those members with busy schedules and far away locations to make their minimal attendance, but we had the added benefit of having such people of note as Ed Fitch, a founding father show up and share history. We ran a lovely slide show of CoG members past and present, living and passed beyond, interspersed with nature scenes. Developed by Anna Korn and Greg Harder, it was a delight and well received but people agreed that they really wanted captions so that the younger people could understand what and who they were looking at. Many elders in the larger community stopped in to see old faces and reminisce, a great idea over all. Lets work on expanding this for next year.

On Saturday at noon there was a discussion of “Where are Paganism and, in particular Wicca, going in the future.” It was very well attended also by both scholars and curious newbies and the conversation took some interesting and very unexpected turns.

On Saturday evening we hosted the PNC, (Pagan Newswire Collective) and Jason was delighted at the turnout, which in his estimation topped fifty, and space in general, donating two hundred dollars to the suite. We were amused at the number of star struck youngsters who were amazed and in awe at such stellar attendees as Starhawk, Selena, and Glenn; all of whom stop by regularly during the Con to rest and chat with old friends.

Ed Fitch was a regular in the suite this year and between the one hour that Greg and I recorded of his memories and stories and the NROOGD history panel much history was captured for future members and scholars.

On Sunday more programing and the “Nekked Necktie” ritual which drew about thirty participants, both members and friends willing to "get down" with us (wink wink, nudge nudge see ritual title if you are still in the dark), and was a great time for all involved. Gods only know what those crazy folks will come up with next year, but folks are beginning to eagerly look forward to this "real" time together in mirth and reverence. Good job guys.

Hot on its heels we hosted another reception for all who were interested in interfaith practice and theory with more than forty attendees. We shared stories and answered questions about how such meetings are accomplished. During the conversations we (hopefully) cleared up some misconceptions about interfaith work and laid some good foundations for future workers.

In general we spent quite a bit of time in good conversation and the explanation of our organizations to many who came in curious about all those flying acronyms. So many of our folks and other elders came in and sat down exhausted from the hustle and bustle of the Con, glad to be in a quiet space to rest and chat. The suite has admirably fulfilled its function for all three of our organizations and seems to be a good fit for us, especially with the large cross over in membership.

The suite costs this year included removal of the bed in the far room, and the addition of chairs, and tables for added space for meetings, panels and general conversation. It also included internet costs which were not as well used as they could have been. Can anyone in any of our groups create a Wi-fi space for next year?
The suite cost for the 4 days $970
The food and beverage c cost a total of $679.59
For a total cost of $1649.97

Each group donated or will donate, $450 for a total of $1350.00
We received in suite donations this year (up from last year) $100.00
We received from PNC  $200.00

For a total of

Thank you again for your organization's donation toward this event. We hope that you will join us again next year.


R Watcher,
Suite Manager

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  1. Great review, and thank you for all the work you did in creating this space for the community.