Thursday, March 31, 2011

Live Oak Local Council of Texas Fundraiser for Cherry Hill Seminary

"On February 26, the Live Oak Local Council of Texas joined The Council of the Magickal Arts, Earth Spirit Alliance, North Austin Pagan Meetup, Yew Grove Pagan Interfaith, and others to sponsor "A Sacred Feast: A cook-off and potluck fundraiser for Cherry Hill Seminary." The event was organized by Live Oak member Ellen Friedman and held in the yard at The VORTEX, a theater in Austin owned by Bonnie Cullum of Tejas Web, the Austin Reclaiming community.

                                                                     Blessing the Feast
The event had 28 volunteers on the day of the event and a total of 97 attendees. They had an amazing 22 sponsors, and 43 auction items were donated.

                                                                     Sensory Awareness
The cook-off winners were:
Best of the Beast: Holy Ghost Mole, Jim C.
Blessed Bacon: Homemade Maple Bacon, Mark S.
Culinary Comfort: Dill Bread Dip, Lauren G.
Divine Desserts: Cuatro Leches Cake, Meredith C.
Gifts from the Garden: Rice, Corn & Lentil Salad, Sherry S.
Global Gourmet: Seafood-Mexican Chowder, Sirce D.
Light My Fire: Roo's Red Hot Ribs, Roo H.
Overall Best: Cuatro Leches Cake, Meredith C.

The feast brought in a total of $1,659: $979 from the auction, $280 from admissions, $350 from cash donations from sponsors, and a surprising $50 from 2 cook-off winners who generously re-gifted their winnings. After expenses (table & chair rental, cook-off cash prizes, refreshments, and printing), the event raised over $1,100 for Cherry Hill."

Tom Davis

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