Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Los Alamos Fire and Chamisa Local Council update

Here is an update on the fire from Azrael - First Officer of the Chamisa Local Council

"Dear COGkin,
Thank you for your calls and e-mails of support and offers of shelter from the Las Conchas fire.

Ardantane is 20 miles upwind of the fire, so we're not even getting much smoke, and are safe unless the wind does a seasonally uncharacteristic about-face.

Peter Dybing is on-site, providing med help for firefighters, and we hope he can visit Ardantane when his duties are done and before he gets sent somewhere else.

Our Lady of the Woods has been heavily impacted. All of the members who live in Los Alamos have evacuated to safe havens with friends, family, or covenmates. The covenstead is in White Rock, which has not yet received evacuation orders, so our HPS and HP are staying put for the time being.

What we could use from all of you is rain energy. At Ardantane's Sunfest last week, we listened to a simulated thuderstorm and then chanted,
"Bring the rain,
Bring the Rain,
Bring the gentle, female rain,"
for about ten minutes. Thirty-six hours later (it takes time for rainclouds to build from nothing), we got a half an hour of gentle, female rain, at a time of the year when that is unheard-of. Magick works

So I've been letting that chant be my "can't get it out of my head" chant ever since, directing the rain toward the fire. And yesterday Rowan said they heard two great thunderclaps in White Rock and had a little actual rain! Magick works, folks, so please, chant the chant and direct the rain to northern New Mexico for us, and to the other wildfires burning in the Southwest. We've just got a plea from someone on the Navajo reservation asking for help from the Wallow fire, which is still burning and threatening them."

If anything else changes, I'll let you know. Otherwise, we'll see you at Merry Meet in Dallas!

In Service to the Lady and the Lord
BB Azrael
First Officer, Chamisa Local Council"

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