Tuesday, October 11, 2011

News and Notes from Dogwood Local Council

Here is some DLC news for the upcoming week and beyond:



  • North Georgia Solitaries and Pagan Assistance Fund are collecting Toys of Tots this holiday season. More Information.
  • GBG "Year and Day Calendar" available for purchase for $15.00. More information
  • Ancient Wisdom Rising will be held in Atlanta in November of 2012.
  • A Web-based reality Show called "The Young Witches of Salem" is gaining in popularity. Check this out and come to your own conclusions on its worth.
  • Interfaith Interviews via TV and Radio. We are still waiting on the programming date for the TV interview. However, on Oct 31st at 8am, there will be a live broadcast with Lord Cheiron and Hawk. More information to come.

 Atlanta and Augusta Pagan Pride Recap: 
  • Augusta: Hawk and Eibhlean were the DLC team in Augusta. The festival atmosphere included music, crafts and lots of joy. Young witchlings ran around joyously as people arrived in the morning and stayed to play all day. Noteworthy events included: Spiral Rhythm, A Persephone Mystery Play and Fire Spinners. 
  • Atlanta: In Atlanta, the DLC table was maintained by a group of people, organized by Lady Arsinoe and Lady Miraselena. It was held partially inside and partially outside. People came and went all day to shop, listen to music and enjoy the community. Noteworthy events included performances by Emerald Rose and Celia, (Note: Celia's link is a sample of her singing one of her most popular songs.  One that causes many people to cry. This video was not filmed at APPD.) Here is a recap blog post by Lady Charissa of North Georgia Solitaries.

 Blog Postings and Other Notes: 
  • Musings from :"Hawk Eyes."  Our First Officer - Hawk.  
  • Lady Emrys will be attending a special Cognitive-Behavior Therapy Training for Cancer Clinicians. She was 1 of 40 peple chosen across the nation to attend this workshop in New York City. It is being conducted by leaders in the field and will provide clinicians with skills to help cancer patients and survivors combat the psychological impact cancer diagnoses can bring, including post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, and fear of recurrence.
  • On a personal note, I want to thank everyone that brought table supplies and decor, setup and "personed" the table at Atlanta Pagan Pride. I was very thrilled to see the DLC support from members outside of the dutiful officers. I originally was going to name everybody but, due to the sheer number of people, I won't do that for fear of leaving someone out. Those of you who did make a contribution of stuff or time were greatly appreciated. Your energy was very welcome and Dogwood Local Council is a better organization because of you. Thank You and Blessings!

Samhain Blessings to all! May you end the year with a bang and bag of candy!


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