Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Yuletide with CoG #8: Solstice Night Lyrics

Solstice Night 

(sung to the tune of Silent Night)

Lyrics Written by Banshee ShadowWolf, Circle of Wondrous Stories
Midwest Region Local Council
(art provided by ~Magickal Graphics~)

Yule Comments & Graphics

Solstice night,
longest night,
guide us with
divine insight.
Draw inspiration
from deep within.
Restore hope,
let magick begin.
The wheel of life again turns.
THE wheel of life again turns.

Longest night,
Solstice night,
the coming dawn
returns the light.
Mother Earth's
asleep under the snow.
Slowly she wakens
so all things can grow.
Welcome the sun's bright return.
Welcome the sun's bright return..

Solstice night,
longest night,
Now reborn--
the Lord of Light.
All arise,
sing his many names.
The world is warmed
by his splendid flames.
Solstice child, bring us peace.
Solstice child, bring us peace.