Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Yuletide with CoG #1: Stones Upon a Candle

Yuletide Magic from Link

I notice that, unlike other holidays, many celebrations of Yule focus on a multi-day period of time rather than a single date. Saturnalia, the 12 Days of Christmas and even the more secular term for "the holidays." 
Each year, I take two tall jar candles, one red and one green, and place small stones on top.  I burn the candle from the Winter Solstice until New Year's Day, charging the stones as the candle burns.
I take bits of wax from each jar candle and hand-form a votive that sits upon my shelf until next Winter Solstice.  There, it absorbs the unique energies of my home and my life for an entire turn of the Wheel.  It hears my phone conversations, meets my guests, smells my cooking, and shares whatever radiates from my day-to-day home life. 
I use the votive to light the two jar candles, to mimic the old custom of saving a bit of last year's Yule log to light this year's Yule log.

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