Thursday, December 6, 2012

Yuletide with CoG #3: Winter Solstice Poetry

In Celebration of Winter Solstice
a poem by Mari Powers, Wisconsin

Yuletide turning, wheel of life
The sun is reborn on the darkest of nights.
Sweet pine, evergreen, festival of lights,
Ice fairy, winter land, and deep inner sight.

Quiet, then, and deep within,
Breath in the heady essence of silent forest green.
We walk together the way of the great mother bear
and feathery egret.

Soft then, we glide along snow-covered path.
As She leads us ever deeper into her crystalline lair.

In profound silence, we turn inward.
Deep in quiet, we turn 'round.

Friends and laughter, hands and holding,
wreath and carol, gift of giving spirit found.

Seeking ever friend and lover,
Yuletide gathering, poems and laughter.
Candles burning, kindred sharing,
Feast and fire and Solstice song.

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