Friday, February 22, 2013

Covenant of the Goddess at PantheaCon 2013

(Edited from the NCLC reports)

PantheaCon 2013 was an overwhelming success. The CoG/NWC Suite saw more folks this year than we yet have seen. While the guest flow varied, at times fewer and at times more, there never was a time when the suite was without visitors.  

NCLC was able to secure the Presidential Suite and that was a huge success. Many people took the time to actually tell us how comfortable they felt and how really welcoming we were.  Over the past few years, we have been working to expand our suite offerings with some great programming, plentiful food and down home hospitality.

This year Sara, our newest CoG member and current chair of the NWC, and her husband tended bar for the entire day both Saturday and Sunday (almost twelve hours each day) as well as Friday evening. The Mondavi wine tasting was an absolute smash with all of the bottles emptied. The Vice President of sales, Paul, offered to come back next year and host another wine tasting.

On Friday evening we hosted a Covenant meeting with some folks we hadn't seen in a while and a few members from out of state. It was primarily an excuse to introduce ourselves to one another with a little business discussed.

On Saturday we hosted Vivianne Crowley.  The event was a great success with many folks bringing books to be signed by her.  Afterwards she hosted a discussion with British Traditionalists on developments in the United Kingdom.  Those of us who attended learned quite a bit about what is currently happening across the Pond and discovered that it is much different than we might have expected.

On Sunday, we hosted a film screening of The Winnipagans, a documentary of Pagans in the Winnipeg Canada area. We had talks on Dragons and the hero myths of several cultures down through time. We lunched with a large group of Pagan Writers including our own Crystal Blanton.  River Higginbothen dropped in to visit as well. 

Our most popular offering was the panel on the subject of Privilege and what that means.  While all of our other workshops were moderately attended, this one was full to overflowing.   

PantheaCon has truly evolved into a National Pagan event. Attendance was pushed beyond capacity with so many things to do and not enough time.  In the CoG suite, we had folks from Connecticut, New York, Florida, and many states in between.  We saw so many familiar faces but we also had many new visitors -  young people, from all over, stopping in to ask about NWC and CoG.  We were complimented, time and time again, for our work. 

We look forward to seeing you all there next year.

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