Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Covenant of the Goddess' Responds to the Media's Comments on Wicca

For Immediate Release

DATE OF RELEASE: February 19, 2013
CONTACT:  Heather Greene, National Public Information Officer
WEBSITE:  www.cog.org    

The Covenant of the Goddess, a Wiccan advocacy organization, responds to the recent media commentary on Wicca and Paganism

San Bernardino, CA – The Covenant of the Goddess, a 37-year old organization supporting Wiccans and Witches in the United States, is profoundly disappointed at the string of negative, inaccurate and sensationalized comments made by various media anchors and reporters about Wicca and Paganism.  Over the past two weeks, ABC News, CNN’s Headline News and Fox News Network have all allowed their commentators to broadcast misinformation and to publicly ridicule a recognized religious faith.

Earlier in the month, ABC and CNN’s HLN over-emphasized and hyper-focused on the importance of Wicca in the Jodi Arias trial in Phoenix, Arizona. The two media outlets used Wicca to draw-in audiences and dramatize an already difficult case.  In one report, ABC’s titled its news video “Jodi Arias Testifies She Tried Wicca, Buddhism with Boyfriends.” However, the video had no information on Ms. Arias’ religious experimentation.

In the case of Fox News, the Fox & Friends Weekend commentators, Anna Kooiman, Clayton Morris, Tucker Carlson, and Tammy Bruce, spent Sunday morning, February 17th, mocking Wicca as it relates to the University of Missouri’s “Guide to Religion.” Not only were their comments irreverent, they were factually incorrect. They turned the University’s sincere attempt at diversity awareness into a three-ring circus act.

The Covenant of the Goddess recognizes and respects the opinions and beliefs of all people, of faith or no faith.  We applaud the University of Missouri and any other organization that strives for community awareness and interfaith peace.  We do not expect special treatment for Wiccans or Witches on campus or otherwise. However, we do expect the national media to report with reasonable accuracy and to offer a modicum of respect to people of all faiths and all practices. 

Our organization stands ready to provide information about Wicca and Witchcraft when needed.  For more information on The Covenant of the Goddess, go to our website at www.cog.org.



  1. I just saw that video of Fox degrading Wicca as a whole and would like to find a way to reach out to them. Have you found anyway, or attempted, to speak with Fox News?

  2. Dear colleagues at CoG, we at PFI have also noted the disrespectful nature of reporting from above mentioned media. Thank you for your response which we will definitely spread via our own network.
    Good luck and continue the good work, Bright Blessings, Morgana

    1. Thank you very much for your support and words. This will mean a lot to CoG members. I will share this today.