Thursday, February 28, 2013

Reflections on ConVocation from Midwest Regional Local Council

(submitted by Oberon, National Communications Officer
 and member of Midwest Regional Local Council)

Despite the fierce snow storm, the Detroit Pagan community participated in ConVocation held at the Double Tree Hotel from February 21-24. This marked ConVocation’s 18th year.The event featured authors Ellen Dugan, Christopher Penczak and CoG’s own National Interfaith Representative, M. Macha Nightmare.
Each year ConVocation’s theme ascends through the Major Arcana of the Tarot.This year’s theme was based on the 19th card, The Sun, and titled “A Little Illumination if you please.” With over 100 classes and rituals, spiritual light and warmth shone through all the proceedings.
Circle of Wondrous Stories, a member coven of MRLC (Midwest Regional Local Council), was on hand to speak about CoG. National Communications Officer, Oberon Osiris and local Public Information Officer, Valkyrie presented a panel entitled, “The History of CoG.” MRLC was thankful to Macha for participating in the discussion, answering questions, and sharing some Merry Meet lore.
The Circle of Wondrous Stories also performed its Kuan Yin Ritual, which was very well received. After the ritual, two women, a Buddhist and a Wiccan, approached Oberon and Banshee to share how the rite had given them new ways to honor Asian deities in a Wiccan manner.
As usual, there was much fun to be had at the “Con.” Besides the nightly Drum Circles, kids had their own evening masquerade dance on Saturday. Then, later that night, there was one for the adults. The best attended event is always the annual Tempest Smith Foundation raffle featuring dozens of beautiful hand crafted magickal objects, books, bath sets, statues and more. Several of the auction items belonged to the Foundation’s late founder, Denessa Smith such as a special wood-crafted Book of Shadows.
The Foundation was able to raise several hundred dollars more than the previous year. With this financial support and that obtained from the Midwest Witches’ Ball, the Tempest Smith Foundation will be able to award three secondary or college tuition scholarships for children who “are committed to the Foundation’s goal of tolerance.” 

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