Thursday, June 20, 2013

Margot Adler's "Vampires Are Us: Morality, and the Fate of the Planet"
A Summary 

by Banshee ShadowWolf, First Officer 

Margot Adler had a good-sized audience for her talk on vampires at Michigan PaganFest in Belleville, Michigan on Saturday, June 15. The audience was very receptive and engaged as she discussed the literary and cultural significance of the vampire. Adler explained why she got into reading vampire novels and stories. It was during a time when she was dealing with the illness and death of her husband that she started reading the novels. Since that time, she has read more than 200+ vampire novels.

Why do people love vampire stories so much? It’s not all about the sex, or sexiness of the vampire. It’s the idea of living forever and having special powers that’s part of the allure. People are fascinated with the idea of living forever.

Adler says vampires change based on what the culture at that time needs or requires them to be. Adler said that Barnabas Collins, from the daytime television soap, “Dark Shadows,” was the beginning of this current era of the morally-conflicted vampire. She then discussed some of the many vampire stories she has read. There was time for questions and for the audience to share their own favorite vampire novels with her.

Adler’s talk was based on an essay that she wrote on the subject, “Out For Blood.”

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