Thursday, September 19, 2013

Midwest Regional Local Council at Pagan Pride Day 2013


Written by Oberon, Public Information Officer 
and Elaine Coleman, Recorder of MRLC

With four states in their boundaries, the Midwest Regional Local Council (MRLC) has a number of local Pagan Pride Days (PPD) to attend. It’s fairly impossible to attend them all, let alone more than a few, but Coven members of the Midwest Regional have attended and represented the Covenant in Detroit, Chicago and Indianapolis in recent years.

Detroit’s PPD is presented each year in a nearby suburb, Hazel Park. The event was held August 10, 2013. Circle of Wondrous Stories members reported a nice day, new vendors and the theme of Pagan Unity. Proceeds from a raffle were given to community members struggling with various medical situations and no health insurance.

The Chicago Pagan Pride event was held on September 8, 2013 this year at the Historic Pleasant Home in Oak Park, IL, which two member groups, Shekinah Triad of Wicca and Wiccan Temple of the Celtic Way, of the MRLC attended.  Pleasant Home is situated on seven acres of land, known as Mills Park, and was truly magical setting for this annual event. The event was well attended; the day held beautiful weather, rituals, workshops, storytelling tree, wonderful vendors, face painting, and delicious boxed lunches were also available.
Circle Sanctuary’s Selena Fox, officiated the opening ritual. Selena held a well attended workshop on ‘Celebrating Fall Equinox & Harvest Home.’ The workshop included contemporary ways of welcoming in autumn in personal, household and community practice. Her workshop included meditations, short rituals, chanting and other experiences.

In years past, members of the MidwestRegional Local Council have also attended and participated in the IndianapolisPagan Pride Day several times. In 2009, members from Illinois and Michigan joined with the Indiana members for a very memorable event.

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