Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hills & Rivers Local Council offers a healing message to an ailing community in its region

From the Hills & Rivers LC Board

The members of Hills and Rivers Local Council of Covenant of the Goddess are shocked and deeply saddened by the school stabbing in Murrysville, Pennsylvania. Our hearts reach out to the community, students, teachers, and parents with offerings of healing, care, and love.  
May the experienced medical teams in the larger Pittsburgh area continue to find the energy and resources needed to care for the victims and bring them to a full recovery in body, mind, and spirit. We pray that those indirectly hurt by this tragedy find themselves wrapped in comfort and safety. We hope the perpetrator of the attack obtains the help he desperately needs.

The devastating actions of this troubled young man are impossible to condone. We pray to Goddess and God that we can be open to understanding how some children, teenagers, and adults make such unfathomable decisions so we can create a community in which this sort of violence does not happen.

Peace and Blessings

Hills & Rivers LC serves Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Western New York State. 

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