Monday, July 14, 2014

CoG members perform ritual at Michigan Pagan Fest

Written by Oberon Osiris, MRLC

Circle of Wondrous Stories member, Merlin RavenSong, along with HP/S Oberon and Banshee performed the pantheistic based “Reconnecting with the God and the Goddess” ritual at the Michigan Pagan Fest on Sunday, June 15. As it was an early ritual, the gathering was small. After the ritual, there was a round-table discussion on how each of us sees the Gods, which engaged every participant. Although the spotlight was on Pantheism, the ritual used an ancient invocation of Isis and there were a number of Egyptian designs on the altar.

Oberon and Banshee were also invited to attend a panel discussion, “As Within, So Without: Serving the Greater Community, Hard and Soft Polytheism in Modern Paganism” hosted by the members of Crossroads Tabernacle Church, a chapter of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church. Among the other panelists was former CoG member, Figment and also Lady Belladonna Laveau the Archpriestess of the Aquarian Tabernacle. Many topics relating to service were discussed and across the spectrum most participants held service to the community as an important part of their relationship to Wicca, Paganism and other spiritualities.

The fest, now in its 5th year, year, has featured a variety of known and locally known ritualists, teachers, presenters and other performers. One headliner was supposed to be Donald Michael Kraig, who sadly passed away earlier this year. His widow, Holly, was there and was well received for her own workshops and what she had to say about her husband.

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