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Covenant of the Goddess establishes an Award of Honor for outstanding service to community


The Covenant of the Goddess 
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ATLANTA, GA - The Covenant of the Goddess (CoG) has established an Award of Honor for outstanding service to the greater Pagan and Heathen communities in areas such as religious rights, international peace, environmental protection, interfaith leadership and education, the creation of lasting institutions, and the promotion of social justice and civil rights. The CoG Award of Honor was approved at this year's annual business meeting, held at the Crowne Plaza Ravinia in Atlanta.

Covenant of the Goddess currently offers other award programs such as one for Pagan military service and various youth achievements. The new CoG Award of Honor will join these other programs but is broader in spectrum and seeks to recognize those people who serve in a variety of ways, whether not they are a member. CoG First Officer Kathy Lezon says:

Our Craft history is rich with examples of service and advocacy, both in lives already lived and those currently serving. These people have moved all of us forward in so many ways. The establishment of the Covenant of the Goddess Award of Honor for outstanding service is important and timely. Our first 8 recipients are so deserving of this honor.

After the proposal was approved, CoG members nominated eight people to receive the honor in the very first Award of Honor ceremony held Saturday afternoon, during the final hours of the annual meeting. The first eight recipients of the award included Margot Adler, Alison Harlow, Sparky T Rabbit, Deborah Ann Light, Kathryn Fuller, Don Frew, Selena Fox and Judy Harrow.

After all the recipients names were read, the attendees gave the group a standing ovation for their service to the community. Present at the ceremony were Selena Fox, Don Frew and Kathryn Fuller. Rev. Fox says:

I was deeply moved to be among the 8 selected by Covenant of the Goddess at this year's Grand Council to receive the newly created Service Award. It means a lot to receive recognition and appreciation by peers.

The award program was originally proposed by longtime member Amber K from New Mexico. In the coming months, she will design the medallion and an accompanying certificate while the National Board develops a equitable nomination process. All future recipients will be honored each year at the annual meeting. Next year's meeting will be held Aug. 13-15 in Ontario, California.

For more information about the Covenant of the Goddess Award of Honor or Covenant of the Goddess, contact Heather Greene,

The Covenant of the Goddess is a nonprofit 501c3 organization that has represented Witches and Wiccans for 39 years. Beginning in 1975, the Covenant of the Goddess has worked diligently to secure legal protection for Witches and Wiccans, provide minister credentials, offer education through interfaith outreach or collaboration, and foster community within its membership. For more information go to 

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