Tuesday, September 1, 2015

CoG Membership Reaches Consensus on Black Lives Matter Statement
At Grand Council for Covenant of the Goddess this year, a breakout committee of members volunteered to work on refining a statement on Black Lives Matter offered in a proposal to the membership.  This is the official statement which was adopted by consensus of the membership.
The Covenant of the Goddess supports efforts to speak out for social justice. Black Lives Matter.
CoG is appalled at the mistreatment and killings of Black, Brown and other minorities in extrajudicial actions. Racism is systemic in American society – in everyday life and in our judicial and penal systems.
People of Color deserve due process under the law that the white majority takes for granted. Law enforcement officers who breach the public trust must be held accountable. More effective communication between communities of color and every part of our justice system is overdue and necessary for real changes to manifest.
The Covenant has formed a committee for Social Justice to explore actions that will lead to equity and justice in the Covenant and beyond. We invite People of Color who are Witches, Wiccans, Pagans, and other allies, to share with us your concerns about social injustices and the disparity of privilege because we care and Black Lives Matter. Info at cog.org.
The Covenant of the Goddess is a nonprofit 501c3 organization that has represented Witches and Wiccans for 40 years.  Beginning in 1975, the Covenant of the Goddess has worked diligently to secure legal protection for Witches and Wiccans, provide minister credentials, offer education through interfaith outreach or collaboration, and foster community within its membership.  For more information go to www.cog.org.

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