Sunday, June 12, 2016

COVENANT OF THE GODDESS – Social Justice Committee met on MAY 22, 2016

Even though many CoG members had signed up for our Social Justice Committee only three members attended this first meeting on May 22, 2016.  They were Glenn, Michelle,and Morgana RavenTree.   Here are some highlights of what happened at this meeting:    

"Committee Leadership Discussion: 
·         Morgana raised the question of exactly how are we defining “social justice”.  It was decided to table that discussion for the next meeting. 
·         Morgana agreed to be the Committee Chair.  Duties include:     
     o Organizing meetings     
     o Keeping the committee on track     
     o Additional duties to be reviewed at a later time

The Committee discussed whether the BLM statement approved at the last Grand Council is on the website and agreed to ask the Webweaver where to find it.  Making sure the statement is posted on the website with the past environmental statement should be a priority.

Privilege/Diversity/How to be an Ally Walk
·         Glenn expressed the hope that we will have a more diverse Merrymeet this year with more local witches (in the Bay Area?) invited to present workshops
·         Michelle suggested a Privilege/Diversity/How to Be an All Walk would be a good idea. It was suggested by a committee member who is not present, but who may know someone who can present such a workshop.  It would be apropos for the theme “Future of the Witch”, and
·         The committee will send an email to the SJC lists asking who wants to work on this project for Merrymeet.

Grand Council and Merrymeet:
·         Glenn will consider whether there should be a workshop on social justice at Merrymeet.  She would like to make social justice activities more prominent
·          Morgana will prepare a brief statement (progress report) about the committee
·         Committee members agreed to consult with the social justice elists and our local councils about topics they would like to see us address at Grand Council or at future committee meetings, and
·         Glenn also suggested finding out what local councils and covens are doing for community safety net.  For example, she plans to invite CAYA to do a workshop on their training which includes helping at food banks. Next meeting: Morgana will send a call for another meeting in late June or July to the elists.  Hopefully more people will attend and we can discuss the discussion lists we put together with our covens."