Sunday, June 12, 2016

In April CoG's National Co-First Officer - Yvonne Conway Williams attended a National Faith Leaders Conference.

In April our National Co-First Officer - Yvonne Conway Williams attended the National Faith Leaders Conference. 

"The second day of the conference hosted a plenary - Social Impact Lecture: Reverend Dr. King's Legacy and the Church's Role featuring keynote speaker Dr. Cornel West.

 Because Yvonne was a member of clergy she along with a colleague, Pastor Stephanie Lape of St. Paul Lutheran Church, were seated front row center for the plenary. After an incredibly inspiring presentation both ladies had the opportunity for a meet and greet with Dr. West.  He was very pleased to meet Yvonne. After learning she was a Wiccan High Priestess Dr. West told her he could learn much from her and thanked her for attending." 

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