Monday, March 8, 2010

"Chants in Wiccan and Pagan Rituals"

I found an interesting article on chanting in Wicca and Paganism over at The Witching Hour Approaches Blog

"...Chanting occurs all through the ages and all over the world. What is the main purpose of chanting in religious and spiritual worship? It is a means of connecting and praying to a deity and the spirits. It has been used for thousands of years “as a means of awakening the inner self and achieving spiritual awareness.” Chanting and using music is a way of bonding and building community with others and is a powerful way of creating energies for working magick."...(Cont.)...

So, here are some Wiccan and Pagan Chants...

We all come from the Goddess
Circle Within A Circle
Earth My Body......
Ancient Mother
The Goddess Chant
The Charge Of The Goddess
Mother of Darkness Chant
Wiccan Song/Chant
Ancient Mother
The Kore Chant
Aradia's Chant
Cauldron Of Changes
We Are The Old Ones
Hoof and Horn Dance
We Are The Flow
Singing In The Circle
Witch's Rune
I Walk With The Goddess
Come To The Dance - Emerald Rose
Emerald Rose - Freya, Shakti
Spiral Rhythm- Children's Totem Chant
Spiral Rhythm- Dance, Children, Dance
Spiral Rhythm- I am a leaf
I am Pagan and I'm Proud!
I Hear You Calling
People are returning to the ancient ways
Lisa Thiel - Sacred Ancestors' Chant
Lisa Thiel - I Am The Goddess
Horned God Chant
Corner Casting 2nd chants
The Earth the Air the Fire the water
Element Chant.MPG
Spirits of Fire Chant
Dance, My Children Dance
Sound Of Change

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