Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pagans for Archaeology interview author - David Waldron

David Waldron is the author of the book, Shock! The Black Dog of Bungay: A Case Study in Local Folklore, and The Sign of the Witch: Modernity and the Pagan Revival. He was recently interviewed over at the Pagans for Archaeology site.  Here is just a taste of what he had to say there:

"PfA: What can this study tell us about the links between folklore and the Pagan revival?

DW: I think a key issue for me was that transmission of symbols, images and ideas from the pagan past are very fragmentary, complex and ambivalent. People are very quick to throw the “Pagan Survival” label around because they so badly need to feel a connection to the past and a feeling of pastness in what they do. People can also be very quick to deny connection to a Pagan past when debunking. One thing that was really apparent to me when doing my research on the Black Dog of Bungay from a local history perspective, was that it is not a zero sum game." ...(Cont.)...