Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Looking at Pagan Pages

Pagan Pages is a monthly ezine with with lots of content and interesting articles.  It is put out by Jennifer and Benjamin Wright, and Michele Burke. There are many folks who contribute to Pagan Pages including regular columnists and guests who are professional and non professional writers. This is their statement about how they got started:

"Pagan Pages began as an idea for a newsletter for our group . The idea was for a newsletter to be distributed on the first of every month. Our many creative members, were taking on topics of interest to them for their monthly columns. As time went on and the newsletter grew we decided to open it up to other yahoo groups & then other pagans on the web. Many were interested and signed on. Our little newsletter grew to such a size that we could no longer consider it a newsletter anymore. Our ezine was born."

Now let's look at one example of their the many articles.  It is written by Porphyry and is entitled Pagan Theology:

..."I believe we are now getting somewhere in our discussion of magic. The individual is an inherent part of magic. Magic is a human endeavor prosecuted by people. Without the magician, magic will not happen. Thus magic is tied to the will and desires of the worker. But magic also opens up the space between the individual and the world, the same space opened up by story, art, and, dare I say, imagination. These exist both in the world, and within us [10]. The magical art exists in this same space between us and the world. We call this space by a lot of names: “between the worlds,” “the astral plane,” or “fifth dimension.” It is the very human process of giving the world meaning, of finding relationships in the world that really matter to us. That makes magic a very fundamental and powerful tool for how we as Pagans work with the world."  ...(Cont.)...